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June 6, 2018


Mandated, the Web series I shot several months ago, has been accepted into the Long Beach Film Festival at Long Beach Island, NJ. It's playing this Friday, June 8. If you're near LBI, go see it. Go support the festival even if you can't get there Friday.


I'll keep you up to date as more news comes in.

For production pictures, click here

July, 2017

I recently finished shooting Mandated, a Web series written by Chelsea Krause and Directed by Jesse Tindler, due for release later this year or spring of 2108.

It's got a terrific cast, and the crew was great! Should be a good show. I worked with two fantastic actors, Sal Rendino and Randall Rodriguez, and we stood toe to toe in the final confrontation scene, among others. I can’t wait to see the final cut.

For production pictures, click here

June, 2017


I've just booked a role in a Web Series, Mandated, scheduled for release later this year or spring 2018.

It's about four women who get taken in by a fake therapist and how the police do nothing to help them.

My role is as a shadowy reporter who investigates the cops.


Really looking forward to the shoot, which is later this month.

Btw, the project is being crowd funded, and any $$ counts. To chip in, go to

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