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My Resume


The Dads                                                           Lead                                          Noah Rauchwerk, Dir.

Severed Kin                                                       Lead                                          Sam Gorman, Dir.

Beggars and Choosers                                  Lead                                          Aidan Benitez, Dir.

God Don’t Sing                                                Lead                                          Zsaknor Powe, Dir.

Executrix                                                           Supporting                              Kati Skelton, Dir.

The Presenter                                                  Supporting                             Robert Reimer, Dir.

Spectacle                                                          Supporting                              John Northrup, Dir.

Nada                                                                   Supporting                             Andre Bonk, Dir.

The Last Game                                                Supporting                             Adrien Boyer, Dir.


Neighborhood Online (Web Series)         Recurring                                 Cris Thorne, Dir.

Mandated (Web Series)                               Recurring                                Jesse Tendler, Dir.

Skid Show (Pilot)                                            Lead                                         Matthew Braverman, Dir.

Sketch Comedy

Manhattan Hillbilly                                        Lead                                         Zsaknor Powe, Dir.


Off Broadway

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man                   The Ridiculous Man             Theatre Row Theatre

Teibele and Her Demon                                  Beadle Leib                             92nd Street Theatre


Off-Off Broadway

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari                            Francis                                       La Mama, ETC.

The Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo      Alessandro                              La Mama, ETC

Berenice                                                              Egaeus                                      La Mama ETC

The Inferno                                                        Satan, Minos                           Theatre for the New City

The American Mysteries                                Mayor                                        La Mama, ETC

Baal                                                                      Baal                                            3 Muses Theatre

Saved                                                                   Colin                                          18th Street Playhouse


Othello                                                                 Roderigo                                  The Philadelphia Theatre Co.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                       Snug the Joiner                     The Philadelphia Theatre Co.

The American Mysteries                                Mayor                                        Southern Theatre, Minn., MN

The Rotary Notary                                           The Oculist Witness              Southern Theatre, Minn., MN


List available upon request



MN Acting Studio – Rosie Benton, Joseph Melendez, Matt Newton, Van Hansis – Film acting classes

Lee Strasburg Theatre Institute – Mitch Nestor, Bill Greaves – Stage and film acting classes

HB Studios – Stephen Strimpell – Stage acting classes


Special Skills

Drive car and truck, intermediate guitar (acoustic), basic piano, experienced gardener, camper/hiker, canoeing, biking, sports coach/referee, office management, computer tech, business machines, theatre/film tech, installation art, building superintendent/handyman

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